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LEGO Justice League Vs Bizarro League Blu-ray Giveaway

My son is LEGO crazy. He asks for new LEGO sets weekly (he doesn’t always get them, but he makes sure to ask…and plead…and other random negotiation tactics). Currently his favorite is Batman™: The Riddler Chase. Batman™, Flash and Riddler have battled over every inch of my house. Still doubt his devotion? His valentine gift to me was...


  • in Shrewsbury, MA likes to label everything 'severe weather delay'...even when there is no severe weather. Or does "it's cold" count?


InStyler MAX | Tame Your Unruly Hair

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My hair is a little…crazy. So, when Vocalpoint sent me the new InStyler MAX 2-Way Rotating Iron, I was more than happy to take it for a test drive. Frequently I hear,...


Lemon Strawberry Muffins

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I’ve always been tempted by baked goods. No matter if they are sweet or savory (though sweet definitely tempts me more), the thought of a melt-in-your-mouth baked something or other...