A Fairy Hunt And A Visit From The Fairy Hobmother!

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Have you heard about the Fairy Hobmother? We certainly have. Dan and I are both facinated with the world of fantasy and mythical creatures. I’ve always loved tales of gnomes, fairies and the like. So, we decided it would be fun to take little buddha out for a ‘fairy hunt’ in our neighborhood. With summer in full swing we knew there would be plenty of lush, green spots to search.

At first I worried that little buddha would be scared to ‘know’ that there are little people hiding in our area. But he thought it was the coolest thing ever. As soon as we got out of the house he started looking – even at the ground.  We talked about all the different kinds of fae folk and where they like to live, what they liked to eat and more. I had to assure him there were no ‘toy box fairies’ – he was disappointed.

He wanted so badly to climb up into our neighbor’s garden and look for ‘vegetable fairies’. There is also a stream near by and water sprites often travel from their home to nearby gardens for food. I think I see one hiding behind that box in the back!

Nope – no fairies under the rocks! We didn’t find any in the grass or the flowers along the way either. They are tricky! Although, it was hard to sneak up on them since little buddha was singing his own ‘fay-reeees where arrre you?’ song the whole time. Just as we were about to give up we found a small patch of dandelions. Fairies love taking a fast ride on a dandelion in the wind. Our dandelions were unoccupied, but we took a moment to let little buddha blow on one and make a wish to find them next time.

That must have been SOME wish – because shortly afterwards I received an email from the Fairy Hobmother! (even the fae world is online!) He brought us a gift and asked me to spread the word that he is real! He loves making bloggers happy by leaving them Amazon gift card surprises. Okay…. fairies use email, they know how awesome Amazon is – they have really evolved! No wonder we couldn’t find any; they probably had us on radar! Come to find out, the Fairy Hobmother also has a day job (all those cute outfits get expensive) at Appliances Online.

He also said he’d be stopping by here again to choose who gets his next surprise from the comments!

I wonder if he wears his glitter while he’s selling washing machines and range cookers? Does it make all of your food taste better if it’s cooked in a Fairy Stove?  Leave a comment telling me what you think – and the Fairy Hobmother might visit YOU next!




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20 Comments to A Fairy Hunt And A Visit From The Fairy Hobmother!

  1. EVERYTHING tastes better when you dress up while cooking it! The food is better, and clean up is quick. Then, sweet dreams come when the bellies are full and the kitchen is clean.

    Or at least that’s how it works in my world! ;)

  2. I’d definitely say food cooked in a fairy oven tastes better – I mean, surely there’s fairy dust baked in, right?! :)

  3. That is way too adorable! Have you seen those little fairy gardens? I think it would be fun to make one with Hanna and see what surprises show up in our tiny garden!

  4. I just love this fairy hunt! I will have to keep that in mind when I babysit my nieces and nephew, it would be a great way to keep them busy for an hour or so!

  5. We are going to have to go on a fairy hunt this week.

    And I would love it if our local salesman wore glitter and wings. It would make spending the money so much fun!

  6. I haven’t been visited by the fairy hobmother yet but I fully believe in fairies and fairy dust :) Love the fairy hunt, my daughter will love doing that, thanks for the wonderful idea ;)

  7. I think everything would taste better from a faerie stove. Looks like you had fun on your faerie hunt.

  8. To borrow a line from Peter Pan…”If you believe in fairies clap your hands” I’m clapping like crazy over here.

  9. I want some cookies baked in one of those magic fairy ovens, yum. And this is such a cute post. I <3 it!

  10. I only just heard of the Fairy Hobmother today! Mind Blown! How awesome is this – it’s like the online Santa Claus! Being a grown up just got a little more tolerable. ;)