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My name is Kenda Smith and I’m the 40+ face of RemakingJune. I’m originally from the South (Go LSU!), but now live in beautiful Massachusetts (Go Pats!) with my husband and our two boys – Little E who is seven, and Big K is nineteen and out on his own.

I have a degree in Clinical Psychology and have done a wide range of jobs, from preschool teacher to veterinary nurse to web designer. I’m thankful for the experiences my past work afforded me, but I’m so happy I found my home with blogging. Nothing beats working in your pajamas with a cup of coffee in hand.

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What I Love

Technology, beauty products, and home office accessories – my collection of each grows daily and shows no signs of stopping . My main passions are tech, beauty products, nail art, and baking. I’m currently eating on the Keto diet (that means no sugar for me!), but I enjoy making regular treats for my family while I work out tasty keto-friendly alternatives for myself.

When I grab some alone time, it’s most often spent with my nose in a scary novel (I read 2-3 books at once. I can’t help myself). If I’m out of reading material then a crossword puzzle, or coloring book is a close second. I also play Sims. Don’t judge.


About RemakingJune



I started RemakingJune in 2009 as strictly a parenting blog. The name was born from my goal to redefine motherhood:  Not all moms are perfect. Not all moms are the same. Who is the most famous mom? June Cleaver. I wanted to remake that image – so Remaking June Cleaver, and later RemakingJune.

I don’t write exclusively about “mom” topics anymore. I happen to be a mom, so it definitely comes up. But, now I try to write about things that might be of interest, and helpful, to a wider range of readers.

My Mission: “Productive Living”

As of 2017, I’m concentrating more on “Productive Living” – a personal goal that I am eager to share with readers. Organizing, minimal practices at home, productivity (of course), life passion, and information for people – like me – who work from home full time. How to optimize your time, arrange your office for max efficiency, reaching your goals, tools and techniques that aid success, and more.

Featured On / Written For:, Technorati Women, SheSpeaks, Spry, Fandango Family Room, Woman’s Day Magazine [print], CBS Boston , and PULSE Magazine

Work With Me

I love working with brands (big and small) to share cool, innovative, or helpful products with my audience. If you have an idea you think my readers would enjoy, I’d love to hear from you.

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