Remaking June is a constant blend of social commentary, consumer awareness and cool finds for women.  The goal is to not only entertain, but also inform. I strive to provide topics that interest not just ‘the mom’, but also the woman: technology, health and fitness, travel, business, entertainment, fashion and much more. Mothers are more than cupcakes and potty training. Every day we have the opportunity to Remake June [Cleaver].


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About Me

remaking june cleaver about me photoKenda Smith – Owner

I live with my husband, Dan, and our two boys – a teenager and a toddler – in Massachusetts. I have a degree in Clinical Psychology and, before blogging, worked with the Florida Prison System. I also spent six years as a web and graphic designer. There was also a two year stint as a preschool teacher and another year as a veterinary technician. You could say I’m a Jane of All Many Trades.

I love coffee, good wine, scary books/movies and don’t think I’ll ever own enough gadgets or camera gear. We’re definitely a technology household. I love being an early adopter and sharing what works for my readers. I don’t call myself a ‘cook’, but I do bake like there’s no tomorrow. If it goes IN the oven I can do it. Sweets and desserts are my favorite. I’m not very crafty; glitter scares me.

I’ve written for Technorati WomenSheSpeaksSpry and Fandango Family Room and been interviewed for Women’s Day Magazine. I was also featured in segments with CBS Boston and PULSE Magazine.

 Contact: [email protected]