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before drinking the coffee so I can do the things

My name is Kenda Smith and I’m the 40+ face of RemakingJune. I’m originally from the South (Go LSU!), but now live in beautiful Massachusetts (Go Pats!) with my husband and our two boys – Little E who is seven, and Big K is nineteen and out on his own.

I have a degree in Clinical Psychology and have done a wide range of jobs, from preschool teacher to veterinary nurse to web designer. I’m thankful for the experiences my past work afforded me, but I’m so happy I found my home with blogging. Nothing beats working in your pajamas with a cup of coffee in hand.

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Contact: [email protected]

What I Love

Technology, beauty products, and home office accessories – my collection of each grows daily and shows no signs of stopping . My main passions are tech, beauty products, nail art, and baking. I’m currently eating on the Keto diet (that means no sugar for me!), but I enjoy making regular treats for my family while I work out tasty keto-friendly alternatives for myself.

When I grab some alone time, it’s most often spent with my nose in a scary novel (I read 2-3 books at once. I can’t help myself). If I’m out of reading material then a crossword puzzle, or coloring book is a close second. I also play Sims. Don’t judge.


What’s the deal with “RemakingJune”?

I started in 2009 as a parenting blog called “The Caffeine Coquette” (ugh…I know. But I REALLY like coffee). Down the road I changed it to reflect my writing goal:  Not all moms are perfect. Not all moms are the same. Who is the most famous mom? June Cleaver. I wanted to remake that image – so Remaking June Cleaver, and later RemakingJune. I don’t write exclusively about mom topics anymore. I happen to be a mom, so it definitely comes up. But, now I try to write about things that might be of interest to a wide range of people.

I’ve been featured on / written for:, Technorati Women, SheSpeaks, Spry, Fandango Family Room, Woman’s Day Magazine [print], CBS Boston , and PULSE Magazine

Work With Me

I love working with brands (big and small) to share cool, innovative, or helpful buying options with my audience. If you have a product or service you think my readers would enjoy, I’d love to hear from you. Details available upon request. Contact: [email protected]



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