rjc authorI’m Kenda Smith – RJC Founder, Brand Relations and zombie fanatic. I live with my husband, Dan, and our two boys - a teenager and a toddler – in Massachusetts.

I love coffee, good wine, scary books/movies and don’t think I’ll ever own enough gadgets or camera gear. We’re definitely a technology household. I love being an early adopter and sharing what works for my readers. 

I don’t call myself a ‘cook’, but I do bake like there’s no tomorrow. If it goes IN the oven I can do it. Sweets and desserts are my favorite.

I’m not very crafty and glitter scares me. But I’m great at pairing books, movies and other family time activities with learning fun. I was a preschool teacher (4 year olds) for two years and I love finding new ways to make learning fun and applicable to a child’s life.

I’m just as comfortable digging in the dirt or playing ball in the yard as I am in pretty clothes with my makeup done. If you ask me to pick between a Red Sox game and dinner at a fancy sushi restaurant…I’m going to have a hard time choosing.

I’m starting to move into a more healthy lifestyle, exercising more and recycling more than I use to. But, I’m no where near crunchy (I wore my kids in a sling, but I also gave them potato chips).

 About RJC

RJC is a constant blend of social commentary, recipes, consumer awareness, information and more.  I strive to provide topics that interest not just ‘the mom’, but also the woman: technology, health and fitness, travel, business, entertainment and more. Mothers are more than cupcakes and potty training. Every day we have the opportunity to Remake June Cleaver.

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RJC Features -

  • Technology, Gadgets and Software
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  • Health and Fitness | Clean Eating
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  • Informative Product Review
  • Humor and Daily Life
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I’ve also written for Technorati WomenSheSpeaksSpry and Fandango Family Room and been interviewed for Women’s Day Magazine. I was also featured in segments with CBS Boston and PULSE Magazine.


Contact: [email protected]

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More random facts about Kenda:

The next items on my bucket list are: visiting Japan (specifically the Gion district of Kyoto. I’m a Geisha fanatic) and having a half sleeve (tattoo) on my arm (of a Geisha…go figure)

I have a degree in Psychology and formerly worked as a state psychometrist, working with judges on parole hearings for sexual offenders (let’s just say I learned – the hard way – that I can take pressure without being rattled. But, I’m not very fond of the color orange now.)

I read between 3 and 5 books per week. In related news: I don’t get much sleep.

I wanted to be a lawyer growing up. Or a hockey player. They’re similar.

The only food I refuse to eat is olives. Just the thought of them makes me….gurggghh… see?

I drink coffee…did I mention coffee? Coffee Coffee Coffee. I also have a weakness for Captain Crunch cereal and laugh at my own jokes. A lot.