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Design Your Own Gourmet Chocolate Bars with Chocomize – Giveaway

chocomize gourmet chocolate


Design Your Own Gourmet Chocolate Bars with Chocomize – Giveaway

chocomize gourmet chocolate

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been enjoying a delicious, creamy chocolate bar and thought to myself, “Man…if only this had marshmallows (or almonds, cookies, raisins, etc) – it would be perfect!” Or I’ve seen a candy bar and turned it down because it had one ingredient I didn’t like. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could pick what goes into your candy….without having to make it yourself? Now you can with Chocomize custom gourmet chocolate bars.

chocomize builder

Make your chocolate dreams a reality! Create personalized chocolate bars from over 300+ million possibilities. Use the built in Creation Station to design your own personal chocolate bars with 3 Belgian bases of dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or white chocolate. Then, personalize your bars by adding up to 5 toppings from a selection of over 100 ingredients.  There are over 300 million chocolate combinations possible. Can you imagine? Let’s put it this way: if every resident of New York City created a different chocolate bar a day, it would take over a month before two people had exactly the same bar! Chocomize also uses homemade chocolate with NO additives and NO artificial flavors.  The possibilities are endless…and delicious!

So what did I create? Let’s take a look…

chocomize custom gourmet chocolate

  1. “Spiced Pumpkin”
    White Chocolate — $4.25
    Pumpkin Seeds (+ $0.65)
    Diced Ginger (+ $0.95)
    Caramelized Rice Crispies (+ $1.35)
          Total Price:  $7.20
  2. “Island Dark Orange”
    Dark Chocolate — $4.25
    Sea Salt (+ $0.40)
    Macadamia Nuts (+ $1.10)
    Orange Peel (+ $0.85)
          Total Price:  $6.60
  3. “Southern Royalty”
    Milk Chocolate — $4.25
    Real Bacon (+ $1.20)
    23 Karat Gold Flakes (+ $3.25)
        Total Price: $8.70
  4.  “June Bride”
    White Chocolate — $4.25
    Lavender (+ $0.95)
    Sliced Almonds (+ $0.65)
    23 Karat Gold Flakes (+ $3.25)
       Total Price: $9.10

My Favorite: “Southern Royalty”

chocomize bacon chocolate bar

My self titled “Southern Royalty” chocolate bar with bacon and 23 kt gold flakes was my absolute favorite. Chocolate…and bacon?! Yes! I’d been wanting to try this combination for a while now and Chocomize made sure I had THE best salty and sweet experience. Real bacon – not dried out, processed something-or-other made to look like bacon. It was sweet, soft and oh so good. (I still have a piece tucked away in the freezer for a chocolate emergency!)

My Least Favorite: June Bride


I have to tell you – this is my least favorite NOT based on quality, but based on my personal preferences. I’ve never had real lavender in food before and I’ve now realized it’s not really something I like. It does give you the taste of the flower itself which which is what it’s suppose to do. The white chocolate is so soft and sweet – it just melts in your mouth. I have to say it was a visually beautiful chocolate bar. The purple, white and gold looked amazing and decadent. These would be perfect for a baby shower or as wedding favors for guests!


These are amazing treats. The nearly endless combination possibilities combined with homemade, melt in your mouth chocolate and fresh, exotic ingredients makes this a must-try for any candy connoisseur. At first the price may seem high, but that’s because you don’t realize just how BIG these bars are until you receive them! They are HUGE. I was expecting the normal pocket size like the bars you buy in the store. Not at all. That’s the tiny American size. These are 6 x 3.5 inches – traditional European chocolate bar size. You won’t be able to eat it all at once (even though you’ll want to!)


Build Your Own Chocomize Chocolate Bars Online

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Open to US & Canada – 18+
Winner must respond to notification email within 48 hours or a new winner will be selected.

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I received complimentary products in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

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