Thanks to Dyson and Best Buy, “Vacuuming” Isn’t a Dirty Word Anymore

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I said all vacuums were the same. Dyson said, “Liar, liar – pants on fire…”

I was absolutely giddy when I bought a new dish washer.  Getting a top of the line blender gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. But, the words “I just got a new vacuum. Oh my gosh!” have never passed my lips. They all suck up dirt and they all feel like you are pushing a compact car around your house. I hated using them. Because of that, I never cared which one I owned.

Then Best Buy asked if they could send me the new Dyson DC59 Cordless Stick Vacuum for review. The cordless aspect was very appealing. The humor of my four year old trying to jump rope with the cord while I vacuum wore off a long time ago. I’d never owned a ‘stick’ vacuum either, so my aching back said, “doooo it”.  Everyone else told me, “It’s so easy. You’ll see.”  They were right.

dyson cordless dc59 review

Two clicks and you’re ready to go. Snap the motor to the stick. Snap the brush?…head? We’ll call it the bottom – snap that to the stick and you’re done. How often can you say something is easier than 1,2, 3? I had no idea it came pre-charged, so when I playfully pulled the trigger I almost had a heart attack. This thing is powerful! But could it handle all of the crumb and fuzz tumbleweeds? How about cleaning my stairs without killing my back? And, could I navigate my (very full) house or would I need to clear the furniture before I could even clean?

Let’s just say, once I got started…. VACUUM ALL THE THINGS!  I was sucking up dust, dirt and crumbs like a mad woman. The DC59 is so slim that I could slide it under the couch without having to move anything. I have an electric sweeper that can do that, but let’s be honest – they are called ‘sweepers’ for a reason. The Dyson, on the other hand, was like a magic wand. I flew from room to room and, at one point, made my husband come over and hold it as I repeated, “Look how light it is. Isn’t it light? I mean wow… this thing is light!”. I think he agreed with me, but I was too busy searching out more floor fuzz to pay attention.

dyson cordless dc59 swivel

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No matter how clean you think your current vacuum gets your floors – the Dyson will prove you wrong. On the day I got it, I had just vacuumed the living room area rug with my full size upright. After running over it again with the Dyson, the hygienic one-touch bin was 1/3 full. I can’t lie – it grossed me out knowing that all this time my floors and rugs weren’t really clean.

dyson dc59 compact car

Portable, thy name is Dyson. If you’ve ever tossed an extension cord over your shoulder and drug your upright down to the garage to vacuum your car, raise your hand. Hi, that’s me. I never have time to drive to the car wash – so I’d lug my vacuum downstairs to clean things up. With the DC59 I can unsnap the stick and attach the mini brush head – instant portable cleaning. I use it on the stairs, the couch, in the car and in close spaces like the rug behind my desk.

Light, powerful, portable. I will never again say ‘All vacuums are the same’.

But, wait! There’s more…

  • 3x the suction of any other cordless vacuum in use
  • V6 motor performs like an upright
  • works equally on carpet, rugs and hard wood floors
  • 50% More Power with Boost Mode
  • opening panel lets you remove obstructions on the bar
  • Less than 5 pounds so it can be used upright for overhead cleaning
  • one-handed use
  • 26 minute run time from each charge
  • hygienic one-touch button release on the collection bin
  • Root Cyclone™ technology to capture fine dust and allergens
  • free 2 year warranty, parts and labor included
  • included docking station to keep your dc59 out of the way while charging and holding attachments

*While typing this my son decided to get a snack. Now you can see why a discount upright just won’t cut it in this house. (yes, those are swimming trunks over his pajamas. I have no idea.)

mess remaking june cleaver

The Dyson DC59 Cordless Stick Vacuum is now available at Best Buy and retails for $499


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58 Comments to Thanks to Dyson and Best Buy, “Vacuuming” Isn’t a Dirty Word Anymore

  1. I’ve been wanting to get a smaller vacuum – I have a very full house too and navigating around all the stuff is kind of a pain. I’ll have to add this one to my list to try!

  2. I love the super swivel feature you pointed out. I could use this in our living room for sure … and the steps … and well everywhere!

  3. That is awesome! I love Dyson vacuums. One day I will own one. I’d like this model I think since it looks like it can do more than just carpet, and sense we only have carpet in the bedrooms I need a multi-surface. By the way…I got all giddy over a steam mope. LOL

  4. My father swears by his Dyson. After reading this, I’m thinking my family is so much like yours, exept my boys are teens … I may need a Dyson!

  5. want. want. My house is small, so I don’t need a big bulky vacuum. On another note, my son loves to vacuum, so he might like the small one too, lol.

  6. I love this, you make it sound perfect for my busy lifestyle with messy kids. I would like to say my two sons are the messiest but actually it’s my one younger son age 5 and my 11 year old daughter who make the most messes around here. I hate having to pull out my big clunky vacuum all of the, this would be a life saver around my house.

  7. your son’s expression is awesome.

    i’ve been eyeing this new dyson. 2 kittens, a dog, 3 kids and a husband means many messes on many surfaces

  8. That is a really neat vacuum! I am in the market for a new one and I love everything about this Dyson that you shared.

  9. I recently got one of these as well and think it’s super awesome. I tend to get messy with flour and such in the kitchen and we constantly get cat fur all over the steps and it’s great at quickly and easily picking up all those messes!

  10. I tell my husband often that one day, I WILL own a Dyson. It just might be this one, as the cordless feature makes it worth the price itself!

  11. I love my Dyson! Makes cleaning so much easier…it is amazing the amount of dirt it picks up! I would love to have the Cordless model. I have it on my wish list.

  12. I’ve had a Dyson Animal for years but the cordless one has been on my wish list since it came out. Perfect for stairs which is my least favorite part of vacuuming!

  13. I am head over heels in love with our Dyson DC59 I find myself vacuuming just to see what else it is going to pick up. it is absolutely amazing

  14. This looks like exactly what I need to clean up all the dust, animal hair, and food particles that are left behind on a daily basis. I love Dyson and have been looking for an affordable upgrade.

  15. I desperately need one of these. I just need to keep it under my dining room table, turned on at all times while my toddler eats/spills all the food.

  16. I have a Dyson, but it’s not the stick vacuum. When I first got mine, my teenage daughters fought over who got to vacuum. Unfortunately that novelty has now worn off. I’d love to try the stick vacuum though. It would make carrying a vacuum up 3 flights of stairs a whole lot easier!

  17. There’s nothing I hate more than tripping over a vacuum cord OR getting as far as you can and go that little bitty inch further and have the thing come unplugged. Our main vacuum was so heavy and I hated lugging it all over the place. We got a Dyson DC59 for review as well and I have not stopped smiling. :)

  18. I have been wanting to try a Dyson vacuum since they came out. They sound like a dream vacuum, if there is such a thing……….. Thanks for sharing. I will have to look into this one!

  19. Oh wow- I am hankering for that vacuum now! Isnt it funny as you grow up, the things you get most excited over would have seemed boring to you as a kid – but now you get an absolute high from new appliances? This one looks worth the drooling!

  20. first off I LOVE the swimming trunks…..second….let me just say that I usually hate posts about cleaning but this one is pretty awesome. I love my dyson but my new puppy has chewed the cord. I know I have to think about buy another one soon.

  21. I really want this vacuum, it looks super light and portable. I love though that it’s cordless. I have 16 mo old twins that follow me around when I clean and I always worry about them getting tangled in the cord.

  22. I’ve always wanted to try a Dyson, too. I love the portability of this model. And I can’t believe it’s less than 5 pounds!