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tinyprints graduation invitations announcements custom

Is this really happening? Is my first born really preparing for college?! I think back to when he was still small and his biggest accomplishments were things like running without falling and writing his name in crooked letters that I still thought were perfect. When was that little mischief maker with the infectious giggle replaced with this six foot man who lowers his voice when he calls his girlfriend? I must have closed my eyes, fell asleep. I can’t imagine how else the time went so quickly.

Though I miss having that small boy crawl into my lap and ask for a story, I feel nothing but pride when I realize what an amazing young man he has become. Soon he’ll be making his way into the world and I have one more shot to be the proud mother hen while he’s still in the nest. Just as I paraded his crayon drawings around at family dinners, I’m eager to show off his accomplishments when we announce his graduation.

I want his announcements to be as unique as he is, but there’s a problem: I’m not a crafty person. Don’t even direct me to Pinterest because my head will explode. Luckily, Tiny Prints came to my rescue and asked me to check out their new graduation designs and share them with you (just in case you fear paper stock and glitter as much as I do) With  Tiny Prints I can make creative, trend-forward designs with just a click of my mouse.

tinyprints grad invtes foil stamped


Gone are the old fashioned announcements in school colors with a cap and gown photo. Now, with Tiny Prints, you can showcase your graduate’s flair for life with beautiful gold and silver stamped designs. These announcements and invites let you tell everyone “my kid is kind of a big deal” while giving a classy touch that says they’re all grown up.

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tinyprints grad invtes 3


Who doesn’t love a walk down memory lane? Now you can celebrate the milestones that led to this day with tri-fold announcements that give a glimpse of the baby that turned into such an amazing young man or woman.

tinyprints grad invtes 2


The chalkboard and print style announcements are some of my favorite designs, with just enough artistic flair while showcasing the person of the hour: your graduate.

tinyprints grad invtes 1


Is your graduate’s personality larger than life? Their announcements should be too! Tiny Prints offers several selections that catch the eye with bold colors or soft hues that help your child feel like the rock star they are.

tiny prints advice cards graduate


How cool is this? Send out advice cards with your invitations or hand them out at your graduate’s party. Family and friends can write their well wishes and life advice for your son or daughter to cherish and learn from through the years. And don’t forget you can also get personalized thank you cards for your graduate to show their gratitude to friends, family, teachers, etc for the support over the years.


Do you have a son or daughter graduating? Which card do you think would highlight their personality the best?



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34 Comments to Tiny Prints Custom Graduation Invitations and Announcements

  1. No graduation for a few years in my household. I like the luxury foil stamped design the best because it displays the child when they were a baby and then shows what they have grew up to become.

  2. I can’t believe how far invitations have come! I love Tiny Prints and have ordered from them many times! I will have to tell my niece and nephew about them. They both graduate this year!

  3. I don’t have a graduate, but I do love Tiny Prints. I’ve been a huge fan of theirs since trying their business cards years ago.

  4. i’m loving all of the fab options available for announcements!! kids can choose one to suit their personality most

  5. I love the idea of a foil stamped card. I think those add a touch of pretty that is unmatched with invitations and thank you cards.

  6. Wow! My daughter will be graduating in a couple years. These are some nice graduations announcements, etc. I will be sure to check them out.

  7. My oldest daughter graduated 3 years ago and we ordered custom announcements like these. She has a very unique personality so a standard announcement wasn’t right for her. It was really hard to choose with so many great options!

  8. I’ve got three years left before I have to order graduation invitations! These are really great choices and I love Tiny Prints!

  9. I love Tiny Prints stuff! I used them last year for Christmas cards and they turned out beautifully! Plus they are always running great deals, so you get good quality for a fantastic price.

  10. teresa mccluskey

    Tiny prints sounds amazing I have heard nothing but great things I think it is time for me to check them out!

  11. I love everything from Tiny Prints. It almost makes me wish I had a kid graduating just so I could order these! But I hate to rush them :)