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What is Kinetic Sand?

kenetic sand

Recently I bought Little Man a box of Kenetic Sand. We’d passed over other ‘touch’ toys because they either stuck to clothing, dried out too quickly or contained a long list of chemicals. Kenetic sand seemed simple and fun for my toddler who’s always getting his hands into something. I was thrilled that I finally found a sensory activity that I didn’t have to worry about cleaning up or the chance it might ruin my floors.

kenetic sand 1

What’s so great about a box of sand?

This isn’t ordinary sand. Kenetic Sand moves by itself as you play with it. Think of cool lava. It continually shifts and slides. You can smash it, shape it or just push it through your fingers. ย I couldn’t stop touching it and neither could my toddler. Little Man is what you might call ‘high strung’. Though he has no documented development issues, we’ve been told he is a classic ‘difficult child’ with a high need for activity and experiencing new things. He always wants to play in the dirt, mud, leaves or – unfortunately – his food. Many children have a need to touch and feel; Kenetic Sand feeds that curiosity in a new, safe way. Now we have something he can mash and squish as long as he wants — without a mess or toxic chemicals.

kenetic sand 2

It’s difficult to explain Kenetic Sand with just words or a few photos. Check out this video and see for yourself:

Kenetic Sand is made by Waba Fun, the company that brought you Moon Sand. But I prefer Kenetic Sand because it’s softer and more like real sand – even more squishy, mushy fun. Plus, there aren’t any dyes or added chemicals. Kenetic Sand is 98% pure sand and 2% non-toxic polymer. The polymer makes the sand grains stick to each other. The best part? It won’t stick to (clean, dry) hands, table top, counter, tray etc. The other best part? It doesn’t dry out.

You can easily mold theย Kenetic Sandย just like beach sand. Use beach molds, bowls, cups – whatever you have around the house.

kenetic sand 4

We even made a two layer cake (decorated with a “strawberry” and “chocolate kisses”). Little Man couldn’t wait to stick his finger in it and watch it ‘melt’.

kenetic sand 3
Available through Amazon, UncommonGoods.com and other online retailers.

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